Legal Design
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In an agile design project we develop innovative, user-friendly solutions for complex legal challenges.

The project is structured and managed by us "end-to-end" - from idea generation to implementation. For this purpose, we form an interdisciplinary project team with you and selected partners, consisting of, eg, lawyers, developers, designers and users - depending on the problem at hand.

Duration: depending on length and complexity.

Design Thinking Prozess

Within 3 hours, up to 30 people receive a practical introduction to Legal Design.

The workshop allows a fast-forward experience of relevant design methods. While working on real challenges, the teams discover their innovation potential under the guidance of 1-4 coaches.

The participants are activated for the topic of user-centered innovation & develop first ideas for new legal solutions.

Workshop mit Lina Krawietz
Get hungry Workshops
Glühbirne Vektorgrafik

In this format, we examine a legal document, eg an NDA or compliance guidelines with regards to opportunities

for user-centric redesign.

In workshops and / or individual interviews we deal with the user perspective in detail.

Based on our findings and behavioral / perception-psychological principles, we develop a more understandable and effective version of your document.

Duration: min. 3 days up to several weeks, depending on length and complexity.

Design Thinking Prozess
Design Füllhalter

We are happy to share our Legal Design expertise, experience, ideas & research at lectures, in panels, online or on stage.


So, whether you are a university, law firm, enterprise, NGO or a public institution looking to explore innovative approaches to legal challenges, we will create a respective Legal Design learning experience - analog or digital.


We speak German, English & Spanish and can provide content in any of these languages.

Design Thinking Vortrag und Panel
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"The growing complexity of the world

requires a multidimensional approach

that attempts to deal with

the most diverse aspects of reality. "

Mikhail Antonov

Professor for Legal Theory