Legal Department 
Re-Design: Prozesse einer Rechtsabteilung


The client was a continuously growing tech company with 60 employees, providing the technical infrastructure and related services to video streaming platforms like Vimeo and HBO Europe. When the client reached out to us, there was neither a legal department in place, nor were there any defined processes that ensured a consistent handling of given legal matters. 


As there was no systematic approach to legal tasks, there was also neither a  clause / contract data bank to use in recurring cases, nor a way of retrieving information from contracts when needed.

The CEO, a software engineer with no legal background , spent 30% of his time on legal tasks, because he didn‘t want to outsource every client request for changes in contract templates to his costly  law firm. 


Within 4 weeks, including 2 workshops with the CEO, we a) defined the given processes, b) analyzed the pain and pleasure points of the status quo c) identified what resources were available for a potential solution, and d) developed a roadmap for creating a digital legal department with automated, machine-readable, documents & clearly defined processes that neatly fit into other all other business processes and tools.


Our client now has a step-by-step guide for implementing a digital legal department & would like us to manage the process. A document automation solution will make it possible for SALES to independently generate legal documents while choosing from different variables, based on the needs of clients. FINANCE as well as the CEO will be able to easily search contracts for financial and relvant business information. 

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