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TiLD @ the new D-School in Chile - yes Chile!

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

In the last 4 months our co-founder Joaquín Santuber has been flying between Berlin and Santiago de Chile. The reason: he's part of the team from HPI Academy setting up a new D-School in Chile, the first in Latin America.

The new D-School is hosted by Universidad Mayor and joins an extensive network of institutions fostering a human centred approach to innovation and societal change. Such a strong network has now representatives in all continents including d.school at Stanford University, the HPI School of Design Thinking, D-School Cape Town - South Africa, Genovasi in Malaysia, among others.

One of the key elements of such and endeavour was to create a strong group of future coaches to transmit the spirit and mindset of Design Thinking. The selected future coaches were all faculty members from Universidad Mayor from diverse discipline such as Life Science, Architecture, Film production, Design, Music to name a few.

Design Thinking, U Mayor
Design Thinking coaches from the Hasso Plattner Institut, future coaches and participants after a workshop at the D-School UMayor, Santiago de Chile

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