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TiLD @ Stanford Neurodesign Symposium

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Our co-founder Joaquin Santuber was invited to present his research work at the Neurodesign Symposium held at the Paul Brest Hall - Stanford University. The topic of his talk was a new concept from his research called Enactive Design. This new approach builds on contemporary cognitive science and philosophy of mind applied to the design activity.

The program included an introductory talk from Prof. Larry Leifer - Director of the Design Thinking Research Program Stanford - titled Dancing with Neurodesign.

The opening presentation was followed by a Horizon 2030 exercise facilitated by Dr. William Cockayne and Xiao Ge in which groups worked on the idea of inventing a new field to answer questions like: What will Neurodesign research look like in 2030? And what do we need to do today to achieve our vision?

The exercise was followed by the talk on Enactive Design by TiLD co-founder Joaquin Santuber, with a focus on Design-as-Performance, Enactive Cognition and wearable technology for physiological data collection. The last presentation was in charge of Prof. William Clancey on the topic of Cognition and Design: A developmental perspective.

The symposium was organized in the context of a new research program called Neurodesign, led by Prof. Larry Leifer at Stanford University. The aim of this program is to better understand the biological mechanism of team based design, innovation and creativity. This encompasses a new multidisciplinary perspective between cognition, psychology, neuroscience and design.


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