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TiLD @ Legal Design Retreat in Frankfurt am Main

This week we had the pleasure to attend the Legal Design retreat in Frankfurt am Main in a relaxed atmosphere. This event was organized by Tamay Schimang and Astrid Kohlmeier.

Among the participants were representatives of Baker McKenzie and Linklaters as well as various companies, students and trainees.

Lina and Joaquin each led a group on different challenges together with another legal design expert.

We worked on a variety of challenges, such as:

  • How to modernize a law firm?

  • How to improve the process of becoming a legal professional?

  • How to redesign the collaboration between law firms and legal departments?

At the end of two exhausting but fulfilling days, all participants presented their solutions and inspired each other with how the methods of Legal Design lead to results within a very short time. For us this has been a great experience to come together with many other Legal Design minds and seeing the family grow.

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