EU Whistleblower
EU Whistleblower Richtlinie


The client was a legal tech company that had developed a digital whistleblowing solution for SMEs. By installing this tool, SMEs can easily fulfill the requirements of the new EU Whistleblowing Directive 2019/1937. To ensure the actual use and effectiveness of the tool, our client wanted to provide his customers with written material for effectively communicating the Directive and the tool instructions to their employees.


Our client wanted to move away from the familiar formats of corporate integration of directives. He asked us to re-design his own, already simplified, yet still very long and „Legalese“ version of the EU Directive. The goal was to make it more accessible, comprehensible and overall user-friendly for a broad variety of potential users – from construction workers to white-collar business people. 


Within 6 weeks, we created a visually appealing one-pager that represents an intuitively consumable, user-friendly version of what employees need (and want) to know about the the process of using the tool in the context of the EU Directive. We based our design and iterations on insights from around 30 user interviews and tests. Employees can now easily grasp  the process & feel encouraged to act accordingly.


Our client can now sell his whistleblowing solution with an additional promise of employees actually making use of it, when learning about it through our one-pager. The user insights we gained throughout the project and the language we developed for the one-pager are now also being implemented in the tool itself for a consistently accessible and user-friendly experience that goes far beyond the communication part.

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