Need Analysis "Legal Tech & Innovation"
for a big law firm
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The client was a big international law firm, employing more than 500 legal professionals in Europe and the United States. We were specifically approached by their Legal Innovation Team, responsible for developing and implementing the Legal Technology Strategy of the firm. They asked us to generate the insights needed to plan out their next steps.


Even though, the vision of the law firm included that they want to be „digitally transformed“ by 2025, the exact strategy of how to reach that goal had not been sufficiently defined yet. The firm was missing a clear understanding of the underlying technology and innovation needs of their employees throughout different departments and hierarchy levels and roles.


Within 2 weeks, we conducted  4 virtual workshops à 10 PAX. The groups consisted of lawyers, as well as employees from IT, business development and marketing. Together, we defined and analyzed their most relevant needs and had them create, prototype, present and iterate ideas for potential solutions.
We made sense of their work, documented our insights and developed recommendations.


The client now has detailed user insights regarding the technical needs of their employees and specific recommendations on how to implement these insights into their legal tech strategy and roadmap. The law firm‘s Legal Innovation Team can convincingly justify their requested budget and resources. We will continue our collaboration.

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